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        Wuxi Dintech Chemical Co., Ltd.Dintech Chemical

        ABOUT US

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        As a research, manufacturing and trade enterprise, Wuxi Dintech Chemical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the import and export business and trade of chemicals, as well as the research and production of special intermediates. Under the support of large-scale enterprise groups in the world, taking fully advantages of our company on extensive business channels and business experience, we now have achieved very impressive results in a number of fields such as fine chemicals, intermediates, a pigments, optical brighteners, flame retardants, photoinitiators, liquid crystals, dyes and pharmaceuticals since we began our business 20 years ago. At the same time, we can also offer customize service of special chemicals to customer with special requirements from laboratory samples and pilot tests to mass production of products.

        Wuxi Dintech Chemical Co., Ltd. sincerely hopes to provide excellent products and considerate services to new and old customers while making innovation and getting progresses constantly. We sincerely welcome friends in the chemical industry all over the world to carry out friendly business contacts and make mutually benefited cooperation, as well as work together to create a bright future.

        Dintech Chemical

        contact us

        Address: 20-D, Huaguang Mansion, 333 Zhong Shan Road, Wuxi, China.
        Postcode: 214001

        Telephone: +86-510-82734258, 82719958, 85799581
        Fax: +86- 510-82720323

        E-mail: info@dintech.com.cn , dintech@wst.net.cn
        Url: http://www.zbtwp.cn

        Wuxi Dintech Chemical Co., Ltd.
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